Hi. I’m Evan, the founder of WHY? SNACKS™.

It all started in 2019 when I saw a comment on the Instagram of America’s favorite cheese cracker: “Are you guys ever going to offer a gluten free version?” Their response: a simple, “No.” So, I figured I had to do it!

I knew that cheese crackers were one of America’s most popular snacks (just check your local grocery store shelves!) But the brands we all know are full of grains, empty carbs, and industrial seed oils. That being said, they taste great. So mine had to as well.

After several months, I came up with a crazy good recipe that even my carb-obsessed friends loved. And, now I’m able to share it with the world!

We made sure that the taste of our keto Grain-Free Cheese Crackers unlocks memories of your care-free couch snacking days, while the ingredients are fully living in 2023.

Once you try us out, you might get a little philosophical, too, and ask “Why can’t all healthy snacks taste as good as j*nk food?” 

Well, we’re working on it!

  • Gluten Free (GF) Icon

    grain free & gluten free

  • 2g Icon

    2g net carbs per serving

  • No Seed Oils Icon

    made without seed oils